Hole Sizes of Nozzles
Geoff Williams
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BSE and SEI are two different types of imaging- they are both included to show that sizes are consistent even at different imaging modes - and also the BSE images do not show the remaining grease or compound left on/in the nozzle holes (allowing for better visualization of the true hole edge).

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Nozzle opening size table
Bosch OEM 706
170 µm
Bosio Sprint 706
185 µm
Sprint 357
195 µm
Bosio Power Plus 357
193 µm
Sprint 520
214 µm
Power Plus 520
215 µm
Sprint 502
226 µm
Power Plus 502
232 µm

01Bosch706bar 02Sprint706bar
01Bosch706bar.jpg 02Sprint706bar.jpg
03Sprint357SEIbar 04PP357SEIbar
03Sprint357SEIbar.jpg 04PP357SEIbar.jpg
05SPRINT520SEIbar 06PP520SEIbar
05SPRINT520SEIbar.jpg 06PP520SEIbar.jpg
07Sprint502SEIbar 08PP502SEIbar
07Sprint502SEIbar.jpg 08PP502SEIbar.jpg
09Sprint357BSEbar 10PP357BSEbar
09Sprint357BSEbar.jpg 10PP357BSEbar.jpg
11Sprint502BSEbar 12PP502BSEbar
11Sprint502BSEbar.jpg 12PP502BSEbar.jpg
13SPRINT520BSEbar 14PP520BSEbar
13SPRINT520BSEbar.jpg 14PP520BSEbar.jpg