Sooty's TDI

Original spec

  • 1996 Golf GL TDI (A3)
  • 90hp, 149lb/ft TDI
  • Colour - Mystic Blue
  • Sony stereo with 10 CD multi changer
  • Witter towbar
  • Thatcham imobiliser & alarm.

    Engine Bay Modifications

  • Three sets of customised Modem Superchips; a) Track day - 28/24psi boost. b) Everyday driving - 130hp max for insurance - 24/21psi boost. c) Alps - 130hp max but with tweaked boost values - 22/20psi boost.
  • K&N 57i Induction kit.
  • Kamei intake ducts with piping to air filter.
  • K&N cool scoop intake with piping to air filter.
  • Allard heat shield.
  • Hybrid turbo; GT15 housing with clipped GT17 compressor wheel. Boost bleed for track day setup. Wastegate bleed to reduce opening velocity.
  • Flowed head and manifolds.
  • .205 Injectors.
  • Custom exhaust system; 2.5" downpipe. 2.5" Spiralflow pipework to single back box. Twin 2" down turned tips - to resemble the originals.
  • Allard CCV oil condenser, with oil return feed & K&N air outlet filter.

    Handling Modifications

  • Bilstein sports shocks.
  • Eibach Springs.
  • Eibach anti roll bars.
  • Powerflex bushes.
  • Allard strut brace.
  • Sachs Racing Clutch. Sintered surface, no srings, rated at 650NM High clamp pressure coverplate.
  • Quaife ATB differential.
  • Dieselgeek short shift.
  • 285x25 Black Diamond drilled & ventilated brake discs - custom made to fit 4 stud hub. Capliers to match (ex Audi TT) on custom carriers. Ferodo DS2000 brake pads. Castrol SRF brake Fluid.
  • Road wheels & tyres. ACE 101 15x6.5" wheels. Toyo Proxes T1-S 195/15/50 tyres.
  • Track wheels & tyres. Front wheels - OZ Superleggera 15x7 machined 4.1kg. Rear wheels - OZ Superleggera 15x7 machined 3.8kg. Set of Avon race slicks 22x7 (dry) Set of Avon ACB10 22x7 (intermediate) Set of Avon race wets 22.5x7.5

    General Modifications

  • Compression reduced to 18.62:1.
  • Audi TT wheel liner.
  • Cruise control added.
  • MAF screens removed.
  • Millers Oils XFD fully synth oil.
  • Millers Oils Diesel Power Plus - fuel additive.
  • ERG solenoid disconnected.
  • Engine Bay
  • Oil Seperator